Senior VP Finance - Cadmus Professional Communications
Senior VP Operations - Cadmus Digital Publishing Services
CEO - Guy Gannett Communications

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Additional References - Comments Below
Executive Director - The World Golf Village
Senior VP Finance - The United Company
Sales and Marketing Executive - United Coal Company
Divisional VP/Controller - Westinghouse
Technology Executive - Standard Aero
 Ruffin Beckwith, The Executive Director of The World Golf Village
"I have known Alec for several years in his current capacity with The United Company.  He has represented United on a Technology Committee that has been directed to isolate and manage a wide range of technology issues for the World Golf Village, a very large and complicated new resort under development in northeast Florida. Each of ten development partners assigned representatives to this important committee, and out of 20 or so people it was Alec who rose quickly to the top and provided the leadership and the vision necessary for the committee to be productive.

The primary challenge of this committee has been to manage the wide variety of needs and expectations of many different business entities involved, and to diplomatically handle the different personalities and politics.  Alec has handled it all with consummate skill.  He is tactful and responsive to people's concerns, but also firm and decisive when the time calls for it. In several cases he was able to change people's way of thinking for the betterment of the project, successfully overcoming the "that's the way we've always done it" syndrome."

 Jimmy D. Viers, Senior Vice President Finance, The United Company

"I served on the search committee that hired Mr. Palmer in September, 1989.  My Position at the time was Vice President - Finance and Mr. Palmer reported directly to me.

Mr. Palmer took over an information systems department at United that lacked focus and had been mismanaged prior to his arrival. He personally brought discipline and focus to the group and has been directly instrumental in managing the completion of many Information System projects that have added to the efficiency of operations.

Mr. Palmer has done an excellent job  for United and I would hire him without hesitation to manage an information systems organization."

 Michael E. Riley, United Coal Company Executive

"I have known Alec quite well over the past seven years as a fellow employee (at The United Company), client and personal friend. Alec is a highly intelligent, motivated individual with a tremendous grasp of the ever-changing world of information systems.  

During his tenure at The United Company, Alec has demonstrated great skill in the areas of management, leadership and his ability to "get the job done". He is intimately familiar with a wide range of technological systems and has used this knowledge to help coordinate and integrate the business activities of a company involved in everything from coal, oil, and gas to financial services, real estate and golf. Alec understands the intricacies of business and excels as a strong communicator to all levels within an organization.

 On a personal level, I consider Alec Palmer to be an honest, sincere individual who lives by the highest moral and ethical standards."

 James E. Turner, Divisional VP/Controller, Westinghouse

"Alec Palmer possesses and exhibits the character and attributes essential to making the changes necessary to achieve continuous improvement.  He has demonstrated the vision and leadership needed to accomplish the direction and goals of different organizations.  Alec has been very successful in earning the respect and trust of his subordinates, peers and superiors through his involvement and dedication.

Mr. Palmer expends the effort to stay in tune with the latest and most innovative technological  advancements. He conducts himself in a very professional manner and insists on having a very efficient and smoothly operating organization.  Alec utilizes his knowledge of technology and his professionalism to strategically plan and implement value added change."

 Patrick L. Vaske, Technology Executive, Standard Aero

"I first met Alec when I interviewed and then employed him as the Manager of Computer Systems in  1987.  This was a crucial time for Standard Aero because of its fast growth of facilities throughout the US and Canada and its heavy requirements for systems development and networking requirements to consolidate the activities which were segregated between two computer installations ( one in Minneapolis, MN and the other in Winnipeg, Manitoba) that I was responsible for.

Alec accepted the challenges I presented to him and during the next two years consolidated the two and implemented some significant strategies that improved the computer operation for the entire company while reducing the expenses of the department by some $100,000 annually.  One of the most significant projects that Alec initiated was a disaster recovery hot site which provided the company  with 100% computer uptime which was very critical.  The company had determined it would incur a cost of as much as $200,000 for every hour that the computer systems were not available to its user base.

I highly recommend Alec for any position in the computer technology industry that he might apply for."