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Visionary, results-focused senior executive recognized for enterprise level technology utilization and exceptional strategy leadership.  Resourceful big-picture thinker who confidently champions business objectives through outstanding technical direction, business acumen, and cost-saving transformation initiatives.



Industry expertise includes public service, oil and gas, financial services, co-generation, high-tech manufacturing, media, publishing, and healthcare.  


          Business Transformation & Integration

          Privacy and Security Compliance

          Strategic Technology & Business Planning

          Expense Reduction and Revenue Generation

          IT Governance and Portfolio Management

          Global IT Delivery & Operational Readiness

          Strategic Analysis and Internal Consulting

          Architecture and Infrastructure Planning

          Enterprise-wide Change Management

          Budget Management and Cost Control

          Focused on Making the Business more Competitive

          Legal and Regulatory Compliance


Skillfully align technical solutions with corporate objectives; noted for business acumen, agility and innovative cost reductions. Attain groundbreaking improvements to IT infrastructure through viable integration strategies focused on expense reduction, increased revenue generation, operational readiness and collaborative strategic planning.  Proven record of success in managing complex portfolios of IT investments across organizational & geographical boundaries. 









FEDERAL ELECTION COMMISSION, Washington, DC                                                                                               2003 to Present

Chief Information Officer/Co-Chief Privacy Officer


The FEC is an independent regulatory agency that tracks and discloses campaign finance contributions and enforces the provisions of the law.


Provided executive leadership as a member of the Senior Executive team with direct reports including two Deputy CIO.


         Championed change management for implementing comprehensive Presidential and Legislative directives and weaving them into supporting overall agency business practices.

          Implemented virtualization technology as part of the production and disaster recovery environment that reduced expenses by five million dollars.

         Utilized Open Source Code alternatives that supported the enterprise architecture; as a result saved over a million dollars a year over previous contracting costs.

         Outsourced non-critical development functions in a manner that kept expenses within operational constraints.

         Envisioned and directed the implementation of innovative search technology incorporating advanced cross-referential capability; including the new “shepardizing” functionality displaying results for final Commission opinions and rulemakings.

         Led a critical implementation of a web-based geographical application with real-time complex comparison searches on campaign contribution data exceeding over a billion dollars in campaign contributions. 

         Speaker at international conferences demonstrating data visualization technology of how government agency's can involve citizens with powerful and easy to use geographic visualization technology.

         As the Co-Chief Privacy Officer developed and implemented privacy policies and procedures and successfully lead the agency through their first 522 Privacy Audit.

         Established an IT project review board comprised of senior managers to ensure proper oversight of IT project portfolios.

         Implemented legislative directives to protect personally identifiable information (PII) and agency sensitive data.

         Improved operational readiness by enhancing customer support and availability of systems for internal customers and citizens accessing the Campaign Finance Disclosure system.

         Developed strategic plans to align technology initiatives and budget dollars to  support mission critical needs of the agency. 

         Directed an agency wide initiative that delivered data mining solutions merging data from the top 101 media markets with the FEC disclosure database; concluding results were published for all House, Senate and Presidential candidates. 

         Worked closely with the Office of Counsel General in the interpretation of regulations; subsequently engineered the integration of new eFiling capabilities to support commission rulemakings. 

         Established a data quality team to identify data integrity issues and implemented procedural improvements.

         Significantly enhanced the searchable imaging system hosting millions of electronically filed campaign finance forms. 

         Established a vision to implement an agency wide enterprise content management strategy.

         Spearheaded the transition of 15 legacy systems into an integrated web-based multi-tier J2EE architecture supported by an enterprise integration framework with consolidated reporting tools.  

         Launched a Cyber Security division and implemented security policies & procedures that focused on upgrading firewall, network, virus/spam protection tools, messaging systems and protection of agency sensitive information. 



CIRADEN, INC, Fairfax, VA                                                                                                                                                           2000 to 2003

Chief Technology Officer


Ciraden is a leading provider of comprehensive business services and technology solutions to dental practices throughout the United States. As a vertically focused ASP, Ciraden offers Internet-native software. The technology arm of Ciraden was sold in 2003.


Nationally recruited to fill this executive position reporting directly to the CEO; severed as a member of the senior management & investment team established marketing, sales and business strategies.


         Led the development of a complex HIPAA compliant dental system with real-time online registration, and integrated with ecommerce business partners.

         Directed a rapid implementation of a multi-tier web architecture that included middleware integration tools, to automate the bi-directional transfer of patient information with third party dental office products, such as Restorative & Perio Charting and Digital Radiography.

         Demonstrated the ability to work within budget limitations to save an additional two million dollars while motivating staff to meet aggressive project deadlines. 

         Envisioned and delivered a wireless version of the application to be accessed on mobile phones. 

         Directed the vision for a portal for HR, sales, marketing, customer service, IT, accounting and operations.

         Recruited and managed geographical dispersed staff of differing cultures and weaved them into cohesive development teams. 


CADMUS COMMUNICATIONS, Richmond, VA                                                                                                                        1998 to 2000

Senior Vice President, Information Technology


Cadmus is the world leader in producing and printing journals for scientific, technical and medical associations.


As a member of the senior executive council and reporting to the President & Vice Chairman; managed seven direct reports supporting development, infrastructure, web hosting, operations and e-commerce. 


         Rescued the online journal business from losing customers, revenue and credibility with transformational technical implementations.

         Provided leadership in defining an electronic media strategy for Cadmus; the approach was carefully managed and maintained current value chains while planning for new technology solutions. 

         Reinvented the online Journal sites that resulted in attracting organizations like American Medical Association.

         Directed development of new media projects for customers including Internet publishing, online peer review, online reprint ordering, electronic warehouse management, customer content management and B2B e-commerce.

         Lead the implementation of a new ERP system (for job creation, submission & delivery) to facilitate an increase in on-time delivery by 19%.

         Provided technical leadership in the acquisition of an Internet development and consulting company.

         Engineered the unification of two IT organizations and guided efforts to consolidate disparate email systems, networks and core business applications with the merger of a journal and magazine company.


GUY GANNETT COMMUNICATIONS, Portland, ME                                                                                                            1997 to 1998

Chief Technology Officer - Vice President


Guy Gannett is a leading corporation operated many television, newspaper, database marketing and new media companies (convergence of TV, Web and online newspapers).  The company was sold in 1998.


As a Senior Corporate Officer reporting to the CEO and directed new technology initiatives in a collaborative manner. 


         Directed a comprehensive Data Warehousing initiative to leverage content in existing corporate databases; enhanced the profitability of marketing services offered to outside agencies.

         Spearheaded technology solutions for merging television and newspaper into future online communities.

         Provided technology consulting for all divisions and business units; sought creation of new revenues via the application of technology such as database marketing.

         Served as the chief technology advisor for new business acquisition strategies in the news media market that would enhance the market strength of newspaper & television markets.

         Utilized excellent leadership skills to introduce new technology support models that mirrored and supported the business vision.  This served as a catalyst to motivate, energize and foster enthusiasm for IT investments.



THE UNITED COMPANY, Bristol, VA                                                                                                                                         1990 to 1997

Director, Information Technology


The United Company is a $500 million-dollar private company that managed financial services, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, manufacturing, hospitality, real estate, mining, golf, retail, and electrical cogeneration.


Selected from a nationwide search to fill the position as the Chief Technology Executive; focused on providing a technology vision for all United Company businesses.


         Provided leadership for strategic planning and delivery of all business systems, including chairing the technology steering committee to ensure proper alignment of technology & business objectives.

         Served as co-chair of the technology committee for the World Golf Village.  Worked closely with the PGA to facilitate the integration of complex technologies; with amenities including PGA productions, hotels, convention center, 54 holes of golf, upscale shopping centers and time share villas.

         Directed strategic planning for Star Oil and Gas in Calgary, Canada and successfully translated the business goals of top company executive’s into a strategic technology vision.  This re-engineering effort covered five core areas such as accounting, production accounting, engineering, land and exploration.

         Served as the chief technology adviser for corporate acquisitions, including pharmaceuticals, retail, financial, hospitality, golf courses and manufacturing.

         Established a software company under the umbrella of The United Company to market and sell coal mining software was developed for United Coal Company.

         Directed implementation of the system designed for the cogeneration facility that was built in Las Vegas; as a result, the system added tremendous value in tracking the performance of this investment and the subsequent revenue that was generated by selling electricity and greenhouse products.

         Spearheaded system design for the financial services division to track $250 million in investments and was the top financial producer within all divisions of The United Company.






Bachelor of Science, Brigham Young University

Provo, UT, USA